Next Fantin: Sunday 21st October @ 2pm

The next session of the Fantin Reading Group is Sunday 21st October @ 2pm. We will be reading Errico Malatesta’s “Anarchy”, which you can download here: errico-malatesta-anarchy

There are also some paperback copies for sale at the MAC Infoshop, which is open every Sunday 12-5pm. Register your attendance on fb here:


Fantin is back!

Yes, after a considerable hiatus, the Fantin Reading Group is back – about time! We will be meeting more often from now on, so watch this space for future sessions.

Join us on Sunday 9th September at 2pm as we kick things off again in a special session that is being hosted by the Direct Action Collective.The text we will be reading is an excellent essay by Robert Sparrow entitled “Anarchist Politics and Direct Action” which you can download here: rob-sparrow-anarchist-politics-direct-action

The Direct Action Collective is a joint initiative of MAC & the Anarcho-Syndicalist Federation of Melbourne. The DAC is an informal collective of Anarchists – that is, libertarian socialists/libertarian communists & anarcho-syndicalists. Together, we aim: to be engaged in working class struggles & socially progressive movements; to maintain an Anarchist presence at protests, strikes and other direct actions; to unite revolutionary Anarchists; and to promote the ideas of Anarchism to the public.Why march alone? JOIN US! If you want to get involved, send an email to

Light finger food and refreshments will be available, but feel free to bring something for yourself and others, especially now that we have a well equipped kitchen!

Don’t forget that the MAC Infoshop is now open every Sunday from midday to 5pm.In addition to hosting an Anarchist bookshop, we also have a library and social space. Did you know that MAC is also available for hire for film & documentary screenings and other causes?