Winter readings in Castoriadis

The Fantin Reading Group returns this winter with a selection of interviews and essays from Cornelius Castoriadis.  The texts have been selected as introductory-level readings with relevance to anarchism. While they should be of interest to those already familiar with Castoriadis’ thought, no specialist knowledge is required.

Sunday 22 June, 4pm
“The Project of Autonomy Is Not a Utopia” (1993), ASA
“Autonomy Is an Ongoing Process” (1990), ASA

Sunday 6 July, 4pm
“Revolutionary Perspectives Today” (1973), ASA
“Market, Capitalism, Democracy” (1990), ASA

Sunday 20 July, 4pm
“Is it Possible to Create a New Form of Society?” (1977), ASA
“The Stakes Today for Democracy” (1986), ASA

Sunday 3 August, 4pm
“Ecology Against the Merchants” (1992), ASA
“The Revolutionary Force of Ecology” (1993), RTI

All readings can be found in the following two texts, which have been translated and published anonymously as a community service and hosted on the website of the autonomous journal Not Bored!:

All welcome.

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