Chris Ealham’s “Anarchism and the City” – 2pm every second Sunday, starting 17 November 2013

Over the Summer months, the Fantin Reading Group will be tackling Chris Ealham’s Anarchism and the City: Revolution and Counter-Revolution in Barcelona, 1898-1937 (2010, AK Press).  It has been described by Barry Pateman as “the finest study of working-class anarchist life and culture since Paul Avrich’s The Haymarket Tragedy [… and] comes closer than any other English-language work in understanding what anarchism and its practice meant to Spanish working class people at the time.”

The Fantin Reading Group will be discussing a chapter each fortnight as follows:

  • Ch.1 The making of a divided city (Nov 17, 2pm)
  • Ch.2 Mapping the working-class city (Dec 1, 2pm)
  • Ch.3 The birth of a republican city (Dec 15, 2pm)

 «New Year Break»

  • Ch.4 The proletarian city and the Second Republic (Jan 12, 2pm)
  • Ch.5 The struggle to survive (Jan 26, 2pm)
  • Ch.6 Militarised anarchism (Feb 2, 2pm)
  • Ch.7 Cultural battles: class and criminality (Feb 16, 2pm)
  • Ch.8 An ‘apolitical’ revolution (Mar 2, 2pm)

Copies may be found on sale at the MAC Info-shop, or ordered directly from AK Press.  Alternatively, online and eBook versions of the 2005 Routledge impress of the same work (published under the title Class, culture and conflict in Barcelona, 1898-1937) may accessed at by following the link provided.

All welcome.


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