Climate Change – State Action or Direct Action?

Fantin Reading Group:
Climate Change – State Action or Direct Action?

1-3pm, Saturday 24th September @ the Melbourne Anarchist Club, 62 St Georges Rd Northcote.

• Kolya Abramsky, ‘Energy, crisis and world-wide production relations’, Critical Currents (Dag Hammarskjöld Foundation), No.6, October 2009 [PDF]:

‘Some kind of transition to post-petrol energy sources is virtually inevitable. However, the outcome is not a technical given. It is no longer a question of whether a transition to a new energy system will occur, but rather what form it will take. Will it involve a dramatic and rapid collapse, or will it be a smoother and more gradual process? Which technologies will a transition include, and on whose terms and priorities?’

• DB, ‘END: CIV—Against Jensen and for a Real Ecological and Working Class Revolution’, First of May Anarchist Alliance (M1), September 2011:

Collapse does not equal revolution

‘…even if the perfect storm of capitalist transition, peak oil, and climate change comes about, the resulting devastation will not eliminate either capitalism or the state.’ [For an alternate view see the video END:CIV posted on this site.]

• ‘Direct Action on Climate Change’, forthcoming article in Death of a Scenester:

‘The irony of the adoption by Abbott of the language of direct action for state-led in-action cannot be overstated. Most obviously, his attempt to implement the policy through wining government (after which democracy will end and we will all have to live with whatever next pops into Tony Abbotts head) is the very definition of political, or parliamentary action. Secondly there is the content of the policy itself, which is to use state money to subsidise some of the wealthiest elites in the nation, in order to ensure that they maintain their monopoly of wealth as the economy makes some minor alternations to its technological base. That is, state-political action to ensure the continuance of capitalism, rather than anti-state, direct action in order to overthrow it. The combination leads to the Orwellian statement: “To facilitate direct action, a Coalition Government will establish an Emissions Reduction Fund to support CO2 emissions reduction activity by business and industry”.’


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