kropotkin: from the medieval commune to the modern commune

3pm–5pm Sunday, May 8 @ MAC, 62 St Georges Rd, Northcote.

Our next discussion night will look at this text by Kropotkin. Some have seen his discussion of collectivist or communist impulses in history as a blueprint for the future of socialism. Others say the analysis is ahistorical and idealistic. Discuss! The readings will be available on the blog closer to the date.

Interested? Drop us an email:

The reading (finally)!

Sorry for the delay.

From the Medieval Commune (PDF).


2 thoughts on “kropotkin: from the medieval commune to the modern commune

  1. I used a reference to a Kropotkin book, The State: Its Historic Role, in a recent blog article. I found your page while searching for more history of the concurrent rise of mercantilism and the state beginning in the fifteenth century. Although it seems to be a Herculean task, replacing the state with federations of decentralized local groups, such as the “Occupy…” groups here in the U.S., would solve a lot of problems. Easier said than done! “From the Medieval Commune” is a great article that I haven’t seen elsewhere. Thanks!
    Louis “Buddy” Hale

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