Is One Day of Democracy Enough?

This Sunday (28/11/2010) from 5pm some of the comrades have decided to start up the Fantin Reading Group again with a session on the topic of voting and state elections. Very topical! I’m sure we’ll all be ready for a dose of political reality after Saturday’s election.

Email from Adam Bandt, 1995, to a Marxist email list (Bandt is now a federal Greens MP).
Download the PDF

Extract from The Joy of Revolution by the American (pro-)Situationist Ken Knabb.
Download the PDF

‘Why We Boycott Elections’ by Polish anarchist group ZSP, in response to Noam Chomsky’s alleged support of the Polish Labour Party.
Download the PDF

If you need more info, such as where to meet etc, drop us an email: melbourneanarchistclub [at] gmail [dot] com


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