Melbourne Black #1

The first issue of Melbourne Black will be our next reading. It contains articles by some of the FRG participants, so they’ll be on hand to respond. The editors have also expressed an interest in feedback – critical and otherwise.

From the text(s):

Because for this multinational to work it needs a structure, needs a state, needs a Capitalist system to work to be able to use its violence against people.

—Lucho Riquelme, from Interview with LASNET

I was back at MAYSAR when Robbie and Glenda showed me these articles, where my story began. Sitting in a chair on the stoop was an old man who struck me as slightly comical: his beard and his hair were too big for the rest of his spindly body. He told me he was Uncle Jack Charles. Had I seen Bastardy? “Self‑declared leader. Write that down.” He grinned.

—From A Few Facts and a Lot of Stories About Black People by Seamus

You can download an imposed print version here.
Download the screen version by clicking the cover below:
Cover for Melbourne Black #1


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