Uri Gordon – Anarchy Alive!

Cover for Uri Gordon's Anarchy Alive!The latest reading is from Uri Gordon’s Anarchy Alive! From the text:

Contemporary anarchism is thus rooted in these convergences of radical feminist, ecological, anti‑racist and queer struggles, which finally fused in the late 1990s through the global wave of protest against the policies and institutions of neo‑liberal globalisation. This has led anarchism, in its re‑emergence, to be attached to a more generalised discourse of resistance, gravitating around the concept of domination. The word domination today occupies a central place in anarchist political language, designating the paradigm which governs both micro‑ and macro‑political relations. The term ‘domination’ in its anarchist sense serves as a generic concept for the various systematic features of society whereby groups and persons are controlled, coerced, exploited, humiliated, discriminated against, etc. — the dynamics of which anarchists seek to uncover, challenge and erode.

You can download the document as an imposed A5 booklet here.


2 thoughts on “Uri Gordon – Anarchy Alive!

  1. It’s also worthwhile checking out Uri’s website (http://anarchyalive.com/). He posts regularly, usually pretty darn interesting. There’s a lot of recent coverage and news from the aftermath of COP15.
    If you go back through the website, he often posts his writing from various sources (journals, newspapers, books etc). Of particular interest, I recently read his foreword to a book on Anarchism in the Israeli Kibbutz Movement – http://anarchyalive.com/2009/08/17/new-book-on-anarchism-in-the-kibbutz-movement/.

    See you next week!

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